Tiktok will soon be challenged on YouTube, short video feature testing will begin

Recently, the case of YouTube vs. TickTock was in the news, where it competed which platform provided better content. After a long debate the matter has now calmed down somewhat. Since then, a new news has been published, according to which YouTube is working on its new feature nowadays, this new feature for YouTube mobile applications that allows users to upload and upload their 15-second short video clip like a tick. Huh. Currently, this feature is being tested and is available to a few people. After the test is over, it will be rolled out to all users. YouTube itself has provided this information through the website. Earlier in April, it was also reported that YouTube would soon be bringing a feature that the company could name “YouTube Shorts”.

The company owned by Alphabet has it Post Giving information about the feature, he said that with the help of this feature, the producers can record and upload many video clips directly through the YouTube mobile app. If the video is less than 15 seconds long, it will be uploaded to the platform after the live recording. However, if the recording clip is longer than 15 seconds, you will need to upload this video from the phone gallery.

As we mentioned earlier, this feature is only available to a limited number of Android and iOS users to check the availability of this feature on your phone, go to the mobile YouTube app and see if you have seen the ‘Video Making’ option. Apart from these, it is not currently clear whether this video recording will provide other tools like filters, effects, music and other tools available in the TickTock application. In front He came.

Let us tell you, YouTube still allows its users and creators to create and upload short videos called YouTube Stories, also known as YouTube Reels. The feature debuted in 2017.

Other social media companies, such as YouTube and Facebook, are also trying to launch their own apps to compete with TickTock. Recently, news came that the company is testing an app called Calab for its music-loving users. According to Facebook, it will help users create their own short music videos. In 2018, Facebook launched a similar app called TickTalk called Lasso. This app is not yet available for Indian users.

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