Today, the fiftieth birthday of Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Kastur, social media is flooded with congratulations for ‘The Dog Father’!

Billionaire tycoon Elon Musk, who wants to one day build human settlements on Mars and make humans a multi-planetary species, is celebrating his 50th birthday today, June 26th. Fans and supporters are celebrating the event by sharing social media posts to wish happy CEOs of huge successful ventures like Tesla and SpaceX. Many of his supporters include Dogkein investors who refer to him as “The Dogfather”. But Bitcoin investors are equally opposed to the crypto world, which has blamed him for the recent market crash.

Despite the love-hate relationship, the South African-American industrial engineer is most admired for his foresight and stealth. Among the first greetings to Elon Musk was his mother, who shared an old picture of a baby musk in her arms and thanked him for bringing her so much happiness for so many years.

Billy Marcus, a software engineer who co-created Dogecoin, also wrote congratulations to him, “Thanks again for cooling the place and for the days I enjoyed a few years ago.” The creator of Marx Bitcoin, Santoshi Nakamoto, tweeted under the pseudonym “Shivatoshi Nakamoto”. Musk’s social media posts have a big impact on cryptocurrency prices and especially if you do Dodgecoin price in India You will see the huge impact of the Tesla CEO.
Speaking of plans to launch Tesla in India soon, Kasturi also received greetings from thousands more, including Indian fans, some of whom found interesting and fun ways to share their views.

One such user, Anubis_Blaze, who claims to be a “huge fan of India”, shared a picture of Kasturi and wrote, “Love your work …” (Love your work)

Another user shared a short video montage of Muscat’s accomplishments that began with the return of two reusable rockets to Earth. The video contains a few more examples of Kastu’s success.
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Born in 1971, Musk showed early talent for computer and video games and coded a video game at the age of 12. He later obtained a Canadian passport due to more economic opportunities in the United States.

He also launched other initiatives such as Zip2, which was made available to licensed online city guides and online payment company PayPal. He has now launched two boarding companies, The Boring Company and the brain-computer interface company Neuralink, to dig tunnels to solve America’s transportation problems.

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