Truecaller updates, many changes to the new interface

Truickler has announced new designs and new smart SMS features to improve its messaging features. Truecaller is a very popular application, known for caller ID services, although you can take advantage of caller ID identification as well as messaging and payment in this app. The newly designed version of the app has added the Smart SMS feature, which divides all your department’s SMS and chats into four separate tabs. In addition, the updated True Color app comes with a Home Tab feature, which allows you to find your call history, SMS messages and instant messages all in one place.

In the Truecaller update you will find a full-screen caller ID interface in addition to the existing pop-up caller ID function, which is available to you as an opt-in feature. With the update, the new feature has started rolling out for Android users in India. The company also plans to roll out these features to iOS and global users, which may be released in the coming days.

In this update, the biggest change for True Color users will be the ‘new interface’, which comes with the Smart SMS feature. With this feature, messages on the device will be automatically split into four separate groups. These groups will be private, important, other and spam. The new version added to this list is important, it will include your financial and payment related messages.

True Caller said in its press release that the new tab will help users keep track of the bills, payments and budget-related work required. The new tab also lists other service payment messages. In addition, there are plans to include travel reminders such as flight deals, bus seats, live tracking, tax updates and doctor and appointment appointments.

A Truecaller spokesperson told Gadgets3360 that Truecaller has more than 1.5 billion active users in India, half of whom use Truecaller as their default dialer. In India, it has 60 per cent premium customers. Which is about 7,20,000 subscribers out of 1.2 million premium subscribers worldwide.

Fresh interface

Truickler has also added a Home tab, so you can see all your calls and messages in one list. But earlier in the interface you got separate tabs for calls, messages, UPI and premium. However, apart from the Home tab, you will definitely get the Contacts, Premium and Payments tabs. True Color adds a fullscreen caller ID interface to it, so that what you see is called full-screen.

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