Truickler has got new features, spammers will get one each

Truickler has introduced a new feature called Spam Activity Indicator for Android users. It provides detailed statistics on tapping spam caller profiles in the True Caller app. While free search and spammer statistics are available on the official website, the mobile app also got three new features in its latest update called Spam Report, Call Activity and Peak Calling Hours. Through the Spam Activity Index, TrueClear will help users become more aware and secure by providing more information about spammers.

The purpose of the Spam Activity Indicator is to allow Android users of Truecaller to make a known decision before taking their calls. In addition to updates, the app features three new features – Spam Report, Call Activity and Peak Calling Hour. Spam reports show how many times that number has been published as spam in TrollCall. If this number continues to increase or decrease, a percentage appears in the spam report section

The call’s activity shows how many recent calls have been made by this suspicious caller, helping users decide whether to trust the caller. The Peak Calling Hour feature, as the name suggests, shows that spam callers are the most active.

Truickler says these statistics will be visible after tapping on a spammer’s profile picture. However, the company said that this data will also be displayed in the caller ID after future updates, so that users can make their decision about the instant caller. This feature will give users all the information of a spam caller on the call screen, allowing them to reject or ignore the call.

The Spam Activity Index feature is live on the TrueClear app designed for Android. However it appears to be present as a staged rollout, as this feature was not available on all devices we tested.

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