Twitter complied with the Indian government, appointing a complaining officer

Amid tensions with the government, Twitter India has appointed a residential complaints officer to meet the new IT regulations in the country. A few days after being nominated as the Chief Compliance Officer, Twitter India has appointed a Resident Complaints Officer.

American social media firm Website On Sunday, Binoy Prakash was shown as the new complaint officer. It also details the details and methods of contacting users to report possible violations of the Terms and Conditions of the Site. Twitter on Thursday told an Indian court that it would appoint an interim prosecuting officer to comply with the new rules. It further said that it plans to make a final appointment for the appointment within eight weeks.

The IT rules, which went into effect at the end of May, are intended to regulate content on social media and allow companies to act more quickly on legal requests to remove posts and share details of message originators. But regular investigations into WhatsApp and Twitter, along with others like Amazon, have intensified tensions between US technology companies and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, disrupting the business environment in key development markets.

For a long time, the government of India and social media giant Twitter have been at loggerheads over control of content published on social media. The new IT rules came into effect in May by the Indian government by now Twitter has finally appointed a complaints officer to comply with the new rules.

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