Twitter users are making fun of you as soon as the tick-like feature of Instagram is released

Instagram has finally released its new short video feature Reels, which is almost identical to the Tiktok app. Currently, this feature has been introduced in the testing phase, for which Instagram has teamed up with many popular ticket lockers and public figures. With the introduction of this feature, where ticketholders are not happy, there are some people who are not getting this move on Instagram. Yes, these same people who were very happy with the ban on TickTalk in India, but Facebook-owned company Instagram has launched a short video feature like TickTalk on their platform, embracing their joy. As a result of this move on Instagram, angry people are dragging their anger through the Twitter trend.

You can also see how Twitter is sharing mimes for Instagram’s Reels feature.

Significantly, these reels featured on the evening of July 8th Get started Done, where videos from popular producers are currently being watched.

How to make Instagram reel video

The Reels feature has been integrated into the Instagram app. If you haven’t got this new feature on Instagram yet, you’ll need to update your app. You will also get this feature after updating the app. To make a video of the reels on Instagram, the user has to open the camera in the Instagram app, then you will see the option of reels at the bottom of the screen, by clicking on it you can make a video of your reels. Instagram also offers some tools to use this feature, so you can somehow record and edit your 15-second video.

Significantly, in India, 59 Chinese apps, including the Tiktok app, were recently banned by the central government, prompting Indian developers to try to offer the Tiktok alternative. Many apps started gaining their name as an alternative to TickTalk, now this new feature of Instagram has come to give them a tough competition. Let me tell you, many popular content creators and tickers have returned to Instagram after the TickTock ban, now that this new feature has been introduced, they have found a platform like TickTock on Instagram itself. It will be interesting to see if this new feature of Insta Rivals competes with apps like Friends, Spark and Rosopo.

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