Two smartphones of the Redmi Note series leaked, equipped with 5G support

Two phones from Shaomi’s Note series have been certified in China. The names of the two phones are not yet known, but it is believed to be an upgrade to the Redmi Note 9 series. Keep in mind that this Redmi Note 9 series started in April this year and now the latest leak indicates the arrival of the next series of Redmi Note. If it is actually an upgrade of the Redmi Note 9 series, it can be assumed to be the Redmi Note 10 series considering the previous lineup of the series. However, the tipster who shared the certificate information claimed that he would be given some other name. Some key features are also published through the certificate.

Chinese Tipster Digital Chat Station Tweets Tax information has been given that two smartphones in the Redmi Note series have received 3C certification. These two phone models are listed with M2007J22C and M2007J17C. Although a certified model number has been leaked before the Redmi Note 10, Tipster claims that the company will not launch them under the Redmi Note 10 name. The list suggests that both models will support 5G connectivity. It has also been revealed that the M 2007 J22C22 will have 22.5 watt fast charging and the M 2007 J17C will have 33 watt fast charging support. Tipstar further claims that one of these phones will have a 108-megapixel HM2 sensor and will cost less than 1000 Chinese Yuan in China.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Digital Chat Station (েশন StationChat)

Indian tipstar Sudhanshu (ধা Sudhanshu 1414) said it Retweet While the M2007J17C model number is fairly similar to the MI10 Lite model number, it’s possible that the company will launch the M10 Lite in China as a Redmi Note series phone, but with a 108-megapixel sensor. However, the official information of this series is still shared by Shiomi. In this case, it is better to consider only speculation.

Earlier this month, this same Chinese tipstar ter On Weibo Like a puzzle Post Was, which indicated that the alleged Redmi Note 10 would have a 108-megapixel primary camera. The post mentions that it has a phone with ‘J17’ at the end of its model number and it can come with a 108 megapixel camera. However, even at that time, Tipster did not make any claim regarding the name of the phone.

However, in a separate post on Weibo at the same time, another tipstar pointed out that the model number of the Redmi Note 10 series could be M 2007 J17C. Tipster was quoted by industry sources as saying that the model number belongs to the Redmi brand.

If the alleged Redmi Note 10 handset actually comes with a 108-megapixel camera, it will be a much bigger upgrade than the 48-megapixel primary sensor included in the Redmi Note 9.

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