Unique features may be added to WhatsApp soon, media files will be deleted automatically

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature called expired media, under this feature, media files like photos, videos and GIFs will automatically disappear from the chat after users view a scene as soon as they leave the chat. It is believed that this latest feature is an extension of the expired messaging feature, which the instant messaging company has been working on for some time. With expired media, WhatsApp users will be able to temporarily send photo videos to other users.

Some screenshots of WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo To share In which the use of this feature can be seen. It will be seen in a screenshot that this feature will be available for access via the dedicated timer button. Users need to tap that button after adding media files to their chats. As with other screenshots, the selection will enable the expiration of media content.

According to WABetaInfo, videos and images will disappear completely as soon as the user leaves the chat window for photos and videos featuring expired media. Not only that, WhatsApp has also introduced a timer icon for media files sent through this feature, so that users who receive the file can know that the sent file is for a limited time as soon as they leave the chat. Will disappear.

WabetaINfo reports that this new feature has been created for Android users at an early stage, although it will be offered for both Android and iPhone users.


Let me tell you, WhatsApp’s outdated media feature is a lot like Instagram, where photos and videos sent by users in a direct message automatically disappear. Instagram is your group of users Message Also the media file disappears.

WhatsApp released for Android last month Beta Version contains features of expired messages. Once this feature is enabled, the 7-day-old chat will automatically disappear. Screenshots shared in reference to this feature also indicate that not only chat but also media files will disappear with the chat using the expired message feature. However, some photos and videos can be saved before expiration.

Notably, WhatsApp did not release any information about expired messages or anything about expired media. At the moment, it is not yet clear how long these new features will be provided to users.

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