US strip club in Las Vegas becomes first entertainment venue to accept Bitcoin

A strip club in Las Vegas says it will now accept money in bitcoin. It has become the first major entertainment center to do so in a U.S. city known for gambling centers and nightlife. In doing so, the club has shown confidence in highly volatile digital currencies. The club, called Crazy Horse 3, has partnered with Bitcoin payment processors to allow customers to purchase VIP bottle packages online through their website. The club says it plans to start accepting “dancing dollars” cryptocurrencies in the near future for food and drink, retail, admission, and lap dancing and recreational tipping.

The Las Vegas Riders aim to give the NFL team a 40,000-square-foot strip club just from their home Alligant Stadium, aimed at giving more purchasing power to flying world travelers at conferences, entertainment concerts and sporting events. “We’re taking Bitcoin to the next level of convenience, first-class hospitality and the opportunity to embrace our guests anonymously,” said Crazy Horse 3 publisher Lindsay Feldman, quoting Season.

Fieldman said the partnership with OpenNode allows them to provide technology-savvy customers with an intuitive and secure delivery platform. The strip club’s decision to accept Bitcoin as payment comes at a time when the world’s two largest cryptocurrencies have lost nearly half of their value due to two back-to-back cryptocurrency market crashes. Yet experts believe that a slight correction in prices has fixed the cryptocurrency and that it will rise again in the future as its popularity and demand gradually increase.

In the month of April 2021 Bitcoin price It touched an all-time high of about 65,000 (approximately Rs 47.3 lakh). Then the market crashed. Coindesk At the time of writing, it was trading at 31 31,941 (approximately Rs 22.61 lakh), according to the report. There are also concerns about the use of fossil fuels in bitcoin mining. Which has negatively affected cryptocurrencies and forced investors to reconsider before investing in digital currencies.

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