Users can choose this new feature in Gmail

Gmail app users are now going to have a different experience than before. Gmail has released a new feature that allows users to customize the action with a left and right swipe. This has been seen with the latest updated version 8.5.20. Where Gmail users previously had to take action by default, it will now have the ability to swipe left and right.

This development is the first Android Police Saw and claimed that it came with the latest update. It started on May 30th. For a swipe, the user has to go to Settings – General – Swipe. In the menu, users will be able to choose the options of archive, delete, mark age read / uncheck, remove and snooze. Also, users can disable the swipe action. Once done, this action will be applied to all applications.

Although Gmail does not specify this for Android users, some upgrades have been fixed and improvements have been made. In April of this year, Gmail announced major updates, including design. This change was published 5 years later. In the updated app, email shortcuts, smart replies, naz will be given for replying. Also, users will be able to take advantage of the privacy mode, as well as the native offline mode. Following the announcement, it is rumored that it will reach all users in July.

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