Users will soon be able to run WhatsApp accounts on multiple devices!

WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support in its instant messaging app for some time now. This feature was seen in the beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone in November last year. The feature of running the same WhatsApp account on many devices is not included in the WhatsApp beta update released a day before Android. WhatsApp’s multi-platform system has been waiting a long time, as this feature allows users to use their accounts on multiple devices simultaneously. Currently, a user can only use his account on one device. When registering the same account on another device, WhatsApp automatically logs out from the first device.

Multi-Platform Features for Android v220.110 Beta built by WWEINfo on Android I saw Gail It is still in developer mode and is not enabled in the app, which means you can’t see it even if you run the latest beta.

WIANFO has found evidence that WhatsApp will notify users in a chat if the person contacting them adds a new device. WhatsApp is encrypted from end to end, whenever a user adds a new device to WhatsApp, the app needs to change its encryption key.

In addition to these the latest beta gives us more information about the upcoming features. This will allow users to manually remove messages from both parties. This feature used to be called desperating messages or deleted messages but now it will be called expired messages. This feature will only be available to admins in group chats, while both parties will be able to use this feature in private chats. When this expired message feature is turned on in any one of the chats, WhatsApp shows an indicator in the profile picture of the chat list. The same indicator can be found in the chat.

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