V (Vodafone Idea) Introduces Data Rollover Offer Over the Weekend

VI (Vodafone Idea) has launched a weekend data rollover system for its prepaid customers, which allows customers to use the rest of their data together on weekly holidays. Until now, the data that customers have was used every day, but with this new weekend rollover scheme, customers can use the rest of the data over the weekend or a lot of data in their packs. However, this screen will only be available on recharges above Rs 249, even new subscribers connected to V can enjoy it with unlimited daily quota recharge.

The weekend rollover offer is available to V customers from today i.e. 19th October. All customers who recharge 249 or more can avail this offer. I tell you, every plan brings a data limit per day, which is often not fully utilized, resulting in data being lost every day. However, with the weekend rollover system, VI customers can use the rest of the week on weekends.

Agency officer Website However, the scheme has been listed and information has been given that the scheme will be available in unlimited prepaid recharge plans above Rs 249 which includes Rs 2,595 recharge. According to the website, this offer is not available with the Rs 405 plan but you will get a one year G5 premium subscription.

These plans range from Rs 249 to Rs 2,595 with a data rollover offer as well as double data facility. However, plans like Rs 249, Rs 399 and Rs 599 recharge through the VI application will also get an additional 5GB of data with the weekend data rollover. At the same time, plans of Rs 595, Rs 795 and Rs 2,595 offer one year Z5 premium subscription with weekly data rollover.

However, the company has not yet clarified what will happen if the data survives after the weekend. It is believed it could be reset for next week.

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