Video games will soon be able to play on Netflix, features two new kids announced

Netflix plans to enter the gaming market soon. The streaming platform has hired Mike Verdu, a former executive in the electronic industry and Facebook, as vice president of game development. Netflix currently only offers movies and TV shows on its platform and it appears that it is also planning to expand into the video gaming market. Additionally, Netflix has announced two new services, Kids Recap Email and Kids Top 10 Rows, with the goal of making the platform kid-friendly.

Bloomberg Report A source close to the matter said that Netflix plans to expand its reach by entering the video gaming market within the next year. Similar to documentary and standup specials, ‘games’ seem to be emerging as a new programming genre. At the same time, it will probably be paid in initial form without any additional charge. With this move, Netflix can advance in markets like America.

Let us tell you, Netflix hinted at entering the video gaming market a while ago. The first announcement came with the free-to-play Stranger Things mobile game, which was announced at E3 2019. In May, Netflix announced that it was looking for an executive to increase investment in the video game market.

As we mentioned, Netflix has announced two additional new services to make the platform child-friendly. The first service is called Kids Recap Email, a feature that will send parents insights into the choice of content, recommendations based on their favorite shows on Netflix. Netflix will provide parents with a top theme and topic chart, which shows what their kids enjoyed the most. The service will start on July 16 and will be launched for users who have active child profiles in their accounts.

Netflix’s second service name is Kids Top 10 Rows. It will showcase the top 10 most popular titles for kids, updated daily with their maturity ratings. This list can be found on the ‘Kids’ profile homepage or in the ‘New and popular’ section of the menu bar. Kids Top 10 Glasses has already gone live for users across 93 countries.

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