Vodafone Idea users can make money by recharging others, this way

Following in the footsteps of Airtel and Geo, Vodafone Idea has now launched the #RechargeFord Good program. In fact, Vodafone Idea is offering a commission for recharging its customers’ other prepaid accounts on a good program recharge. However, you can avail this offer only by recharging through MyVodafone app and MyIdea app. Let me tell you, the cash percentage offer offered by Vodafone is higher than the existing Airtel and Geo offers. Airtel is offering 4% cashback on the offer, while Geo is offering 4.6% cashback on the scheme.

This offer from Vodafone Idea came at a time when the lockdown due to COVID-19 i.e. coronavirus is applicable across the country. Due to this lockdown, the company’s stores and other recharge stores are closed, making it difficult for those who do not use the online mode to recharge. In that case, the company’s cashback offer will entice those who recharge online. He will come forward with the help of his friends, family, neighbors etc. due to cashback.

Vodafone has placed the banner of this program in the MyVodafone app. To get this cash bag, the telecom operator does not have to register separately or download any other application. All they have to do is recharge through the app and the cash will be credited to their account within 96 hours.

Vodafone says the offer will get a cashback of Rs 10 on a recharge of Rs 149 and a cashback of Rs 20 on a recharge of Rs 249. How much cash will be returned will depend on the amount of recharge. However, the important thing is that users only need to recharge through the MyVodafone app and MyIDIA app, there will be no cashback on any other recharge. Vodafone’s offer will run until April 30.

Let me tell you, this offer from Vodafone comes after Airtel’s ‘Earn from Home’ plan. In this offer, the customer has to register himself as a superhero and then earn cash by recharging someone else’s prepaid. Under this offer, if a customer has to recharge Rs 149, you can recharge it at Rs 143 with full payment from them.

On the other hand, for Geo Cashback, customers need to download a separate app called JioPOS Lite App. You need to register as a Geo Partner in this app.

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