Voice chat or video chat now makes group chat on Facebook Messenger much easier

A new feature has been added to the Android and iOS apps of Facebook Messenger. With this help, users will be able to share more calls with friends and family members during any voice or video call. After the update, the call does not have to end up converting one call to a group call in the Facebook Messenger app. Now more people will be able to participate during user calls.

Facebook Messenger Product Manager Sarah Morris Blog post on Wednesday “We’re excited to be able to brief you on a small feature. Video and audio chat will now be easier and faster for users than ever before.”

Previously, Facebook Messenger users had to end a call to convert video or voice chat between two people in a group chat. After that, new calls had to be made from the inbox. This was made possible by a new message or by converting it to an old message.

Messenger users can now select the ad person icon by tapping on the screen during video chats or voice calls. You can then make people part of the chat as you wish.

All filters and effects will also be available at this time. At the same time, after the chat ends, a group chat will be automatically created in the users’ inbox. To get this feature, users need to download the latest version of the Messenger app.

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