WhatsApp Android app will be locked with fingerprint soon

WhatsApp has provided fingerprint lock feature for Android Beta users. This feature is available to iOS users for a long time. The new feature is with Android beta version 2.19.221 of WhatsApp. However, it is disabled by default. Users need to enable this feature by going to Settings. After introducing this feature, WhatsApp Android users will get one more benefit to protect their chats. In addition, the ‘Show content in notifications’ option has been added. Users will now be able to decide whether to hide or display the message if fingerprint lock is enabled.

As we told you, the fingerprint lock option comes with Android beta version 2.19.221. It is disabled by default. Users need to enable it by going to WhatsApp Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Fingerprint Unlock. If you have updated your application to the latest version and have not received this feature, we recommend that you first back up your chat history, then reinstall this version of the WhatsApp beta app. It is worth noting that the phone must have at least Android Marshmallow to use this feature. A fingerprint scanner is also required.

After selecting the Enable option, users will be able to unlock WhatsApp via fingerprint authentication. There are three options for locking automatically – immediately after 1 minute to 20 minutes. Users can choose any option as per their choice. If you select the ‘Immediate’ option, you will need to use fingerprint authentication every time this application is used.

The iOS app also has a 15-minute option. However, it is still not part of the Android app. The company is expected to explore this option with a stable version of WhatsApp. Android has a new option for displaying content in notifications. By enabling fingerprint lock, users will be able to decide whether to preview or hide the message and sender.

If you do not enable this option, you will be able to reply to the message from the notifications as before and reply to the WhatsApp call. Because fingerprint authentication is only set for WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s new feature is being monitored by WbetaInfo, which states that if the fingerprint lock feature is enabled, the contents of the widget are hidden by default.

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