WhatsApp Android Beta app features switching between voice and video calls

WhatsApp has released a new update for its Android beta app. WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Facebook, removed these updates via the Google Play Beta program. With the new update, WhatsApp users can now switch from voice calls to a video call. This feature is available in the latest Android beta version 2.18.4. WABetaInfo first provided information about these updates Open to everyone.

Wabetainfo’s Report Accordingly, the new feature is currently only available to Android Beta users. And this feature is expected to be available to iOS users soon. WhatsApp has introduced a separate button to switch from voice call to video call. If you want to switch to a video call during a WhatsApp voice call, all you have to do is tap a button. This button is named after the video call quick switch button by WhatsApp.

Once you tap the button, the request will go to the user on the other side of the call. At this request, users will be asked to switch from voice to video. If he accepts the user’s offer, the call will be automatically converted from voice to video call. And if the user rejects this offer, the voice call will continue as usual.

Before this At the beginning of the new yearHotspot accidentally revealed the feature privately in a beta update for Windows Phone. This feature will allow users to send messages privately to one member of a group and other members will not know about it. The much-awaited feature of WhatsApp is currently in development and could be rolled out along with other features. The private reply feature appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp and has since been removed. This confirms that the developer enabled the feature by mistake.

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