WhatsApp Android Beta App has got these two messaging features

WhatsApp has released an update for its Android beta app. After the update, the WhatsApp Android app will get the conceptual voice message and group call shortcut feature. With one feature, WhatsApp users will be able to play multiple audio messages at the same time. While in the second feature, the user will get a shortcut button to make a group call. Two new features are currently available for Android Beta users. These will be activated remotely in the future. According to the report, all WhatsApp users using beta versions 2.18.362 and 2.18.363 have got this feature. Note that these features have already been released for the WhatsApp iOS beta app.

The first thing was the constant voice message feature. This allows users to play multiple voice messages continuously on the WhatsApp Android app. This feature will work when WhatsApp detects two or more messages at once. After that you just have to press play button in the first audio message. WhatsApp will then automatically play all the voice messages one by one. Finally, the user will also receive a word alert. As we told you earlier, this feature is available in the Android beta version 2.118.3622 in the application code. It will be activated later.

Now let’s talk about another feature. The UI of the latest WhatsApp Android beta version 2.18.363 has been changed. This feature was previously released for the WhatsApp iOS app. When this feature is rolled out, a new group call button for group chats will appear on your WhatsApp. The names of all the members of the group will appear as soon as you press this button. After that, the group audio or video call will start from here by tapping the audio or video call button. WABetaInfo reports that this feature is disabled by default. It is expected to be active in future updates.

Let us know that we did not get a glimpse of both of these features during the testing of the Android beta versions (2.18.362 and 2.18.363) or the new beta applications version 2.18.364.

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