WhatsApp Beta has come up with a new feature about notifications

WhatsApp has introduced another new feature for Android users. However, only Android Orio users will enjoy this feature of WhatsApp. The notification channel will now be seen in the latest Android beta app from WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Facebook. Hopefully the feature will be available to the general user soon. This feature will now allow users to disable WhatsApp notifications that annoy them at work. Let us know that the notification channel was first implemented for Google Chrome notifications in July last year so that users can adjust the notifications for their convenience. It is worth noting that the app notification channel is a local feature of Android 8.0 Orio.

WhatsApp The latest beta version of Android supports 10 notification channels. These include group notifications, message notifications, backup of chat history, critical app alerts, failed notifications, media playback, classifieds, other notifications, media transmissions and silent notifications. In the settings of these available notification channels it helps you to get notifications as per your requirement. For example, if you go to the group notification channel and you can set ‘low’ instead of ‘agent’ for group messages, this will stop you from constantly receiving notifications In addition to the group message notification channel, there is an option to manage group message notifications.

In the Android Orio WhatsApp Beta app, if you long-press the WhatsApp app icon, then tap on the ‘App Info’ option and you’ll see the notification channel available in the ‘Notifications’ section. If you want to adjust notifications for the WhatsApp web, go to the ‘Other Notifications’ channel and then choose the settings of ‘Emergency’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ for your convenience. With the option to select Low, WhatsApp web notifications from your mobile device will be completely disabled. And only one line will be found in the notification panel, which will help you get the information of WhatsApp web activation.

In addition to notification channel integration, the latest WhatsApp beta version gives users the option to switch from a voice call to a video call. That is, you can switch between both calls. The call menu has a video button that you can tap on a video call during a voice call.

Android Police Report The new WhatsApp notification channel feature is available in beta version 2.18.18 on either Google Play or APP Mirror It can be downloaded through. We were able to watch the notification channel individually on the WhatsApp Android Beta 2.18.19 app.

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