WhatsApp can bring two more new features with the help of the new call button

WhatsApp is known to be working on a number of improvements these days, and some of these improvements have been found in the latest Android beta. It includes new catalog shortcuts for business accounts, which will provide quick access to their product portfolio. In addition to this, a new ‘Add WhatsApp Doodles’ option will be added to the app which is currently under development. This feature will help users to make the solid wallpaper a bit fancy. Also, a new ‘Call’ button feature is running. This new call button will be a slightly modified incarnation of video calling and voice calling, giving users the option to call both at the push of a button.

Who tracks the new features of WhatsApp WABetaInfo The latest WhatsApp for Android has discovered some new features in beta. The first of these features is to quickly add catalog shortcuts to the business chat. The catalog icon can be located directly next to the call button in the app. It is currently running, but even the latest beta users will not be able to use this feature.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on a new call button feature which will be a combination of voice call and video call. At the moment, the app has different icons for video calls and voice calls but the new button will present these two calls in one. Whenever you click this button to make a call, you need to select video call and voice call. This feature is still being worked on at the moment, it is believed that it will be available in future builds.

Tracker says the new call button will initially only be available for business chats on WhatsApp but later this feature will be made available to everyone.

WhatsApp is also working on some wallpaper improvements, which were published earlier. In front Just arrived. New improvements will bring the ability to add doodles to hard wallpaper in chat. The new ‘Add WhatsApp Doodles’ option has been seen in the WhatsApp beta of Android. This feature is not currently available to beta users, it is only available by searching for codes.

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