WhatsApp chat with Facebook Messenger is possible, integration can happen

The company announced a few days ago that Facebook is working on the integration of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp-featured tracker WabetaIinfo reports that Facebook plans to enable communication between its two popular online chat apps soon. If this news turns out to be true, this feature will be out as soon as possible. Similarly, you can chat on WhatsApp through Facebook Messenger. However, there is no clear information on how Facebook completes this integration plan without compromising on data encryption and user protection.

Wabetainfo’s Report According to developer Alessandro Palluji, Facebook is working to integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The developer has received some important references to this integration, such as code indicating that Facebook is creating some tables in the local database so that it can arrange messages and other WhatsApp user services. Code references indicate that Facebook may know which WhatsApp communications are blocked, not only that it may recognize the sound of push notifications and other information related to chat.

Depending on the code, it includes contact numbers, message counters, archive chat information. In addition, Facebook Messenger may be able to view profile photos of WhatsApp groups and contacts.

Tracker claims that Facebook is not collecting WhatsApp messages, but codes from local databases are working on it. WIANFO predicts that Facebook may adopt a single protocol for encrypting and decrypting messages that WhatsApp is already using. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Tracker believes that due to the difficult feature, Facebook will also offer the option to disable this feature in the near future.

WBETINFO believes that WhatsApp messages will have end-to-end encryption.

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