WhatsApp desktop app running: Report

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is now working on a desktop app in collaboration with Microsoft. WhatsApp is a developer that has been providing frequent updates to the Windows Phone app. But Windows Central A report from the United States indicates that WhatsApp is now coming in the form of a suitable desktop app. This report Next web Gave Friday. The concept art for the Universal Windows platform was shown in Behns. However it was later removed.

The report said it would be a native Windows app, so UWP designs could be offered. Apart from this, the details of the project show that both Microsoft and WhatsApp are working together on this. Remember, WhatsApp is a desktop application but it is only for ‘Namvar’. It redirects the user to the company’s web app.

However, the web app works well but users do not take advantage of features like voice and video calling. The UWP project clearly shows that buttons have been provided for calls. It is much better designed than the general application.

In addition, the latest beta version is 2.118.179. Revealed to the Android user of WhatsApp. Of these, labeling the message means that, if the message is forwarded, it will be clear in the chat window of the message recipient. It will go to the receiver in each forward message. Through which only good messages such as ‘Good Morning’ or other non-essential information can be identified. Explain that this label will be visible to the sender as well as the recipient.

This new change has come to WhatsApp just after giving the media visibility feature. With the help of which Android users can prevent their contents from coming to the gallery. This feature brings a new contact summary, which will soon be available to all WhatsApp users.

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