WhatsApp fixes many user issues, now chat will be able to be muted forever

WhatsApp has finally rolled out its much awaited feature ‘Always Mews’. This feature has been tested for a long time, but now it has finally rolled out to users. WhatsApp itself provided this information via Twitter. This feature has been seen before in the WhatsApp beta of Android. This feature allows you to mute any chats and group chats forever.

WhatsApp has an official Twitter The handle informed that users can now ‘mute’ a certain chat forever. This ‘always silent’ feature of the company has been replaced with the previously available ‘one year’ option. Yes, before that you were given the option of 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year to mute the chat. But with the new feature, the always-silent option has been added instead of the existing 1-year option. After this change, users will be able to mute this group and any one person whose message was always annoying.

Remarkably, even before Features Last seen in beta.

Let us tell you, in the last few days the application for Android has been WhatsApp beta Support Information has been released. This feature will be available through the Contact Us page, in which users will have to type their complaint in text form. Previously, users had to resort to email to complain about WhatsApp. In addition to the support page, features like expired media and multiple device support are also being added to WhatsApp soon.

At the same time, WhatsApp will soon have voice and video calls in its web version. Support Is going to bring, on which so far only the benefit of the message is available.

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