WhatsApp group calls are easy, one tap …

Group video and audio calls have become easier on WhatsApp. Now you can make video calls to all the people in your group with just one click. However this feature has a limitation. This feature is available in the same WhatsApp group that has four or fewer members. Explain that you can take up to four people at once on group calls on WhatsApp. Remember that in older versions of WhatsApp you had to connect all the people together for group video and audio calls. The latest change was announced on WhatsApp via Twitter on Monday. This update has been released for both Android and iOS devices in India.

According to WhatsApp, a company owned by Facebook, this feature will be convenient for those who use group calls via WhatsApp.

Twitter However, the company said, “We’ve already made it easy to make a group call to a WhatsApp group with four or less people. All you have to do is go to your group chat and click on the video call or voice call icon at the top. You can talk directly to a video call “

To use this feature, iPhone and Android users must first update their WhatsApp to the latest version. Next, a WhatsApp group member with four or less people needs to open the chat box and click on the ‘Video’ and ‘Voice’ call icons. This will automatically call all members of the group without selecting them.

However, it is worth noting that this new feature of WhatsApp is only for groups of four or less.

Also, WhatsApp has released a new beta update for Android, which has added some new features, such as ‘Advanced Search‘ This feature will help users to easily find any type of media. In addition, the company is working on a new auto-download rule, which will prevent downloaded media files from being downloaded automatically.

In addition, WhatsApp is on the verge of stopping the growing trend of fake news Step Sorting so that the corcon virus does not reach the wrong news during lockdown. The company recently changed the rules for forwarding messages so that you can forward the message to a single chat at once, the limit was fivefold.

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