WhatsApp has a special feature, it will take less time to share photos

It is learned that the ‘Predicted Upload’ feature is being introduced in WhatsApp. This feature has been released for WhatsApp Android and iPhone apps. According to a report by WhatsAppBitInfo, this feature is limited to the 2.1 2..181 stable version of the WhatsApp iOS app and the 2.1 2..156 stable version of the WhatsApp Android app. However, the team of Gadgets 360 did not succeed in testing this feature. We have contacted the company regarding the rollout. This article will be updated as soon as the information is received.

Now what is the practical upload of the question? This report It has been said that WhatsApp will now guess when the picture will be sent to the chat. With this feature, the image will be uploaded to the server in advance, so that when the image is sent, it arrives in less time than expected.

Users will still be able to edit photos before sending them to WhatsApp. The purpose of the predicted upload feature is to upload images to the server, assuming they won’t edit this. This feature is used for single photo uploads and multiple photo uploads. To make this feature work, the user needs to upload multiple photos from his camera roll or from the attached button from the gallery.

As soon as you press the Done button, the user will be given the option to edit photos. Wait 10 seconds on this screen. This is where the feature starts working. Here pictures or photos will be automatically uploaded to the background server. If you send the image without editing, you will see that all the photos will appear in the chat window at once with a gray tick. This indicates that the image is now on the WhatsApp server.

If you want to know if this feature is available on your WhatsApp, you need to see how long the clock symbol changes. Or it is not visible. If you look at the clock icon for a while, you don’t have the forecast upload feature. The double tick and blue tick will depend on the other person’s network you are sending.

Now the question is how do users respond to this feature? Because these featured photos are uploaded to WhatsApp’s server. Suppose a user decides not to send photos to the Edit Photos screen, but does he want to consume additional data?

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