WhatsApp has come down, your data may be hacked

News of security bugs has been published on Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp. It is said that the hackers were accessing the device through a virus GIF file. According to a report on The Next Web, the cause of the threat was basically a double-free bug in WhatsApp. WhatsApp says the bug was only fixed last month. The application crashed after memory was corrupted due to a double-free bug, after which hackers had access to the user’s device.

According to GitHub’s Awakening post, the bug was hidden in the implementation of WhatsApp’s Gallery View. Explain that it was used to generate previews of photos, videos and GIFs. Research has shown that this bug is working properly up to version 2.19.230 of WhatsApp, but the company has fixed this bug in version 2.19.244.

The report further states that it first created a viral GIF file and then users waited for the WhatsApp gallery to open. For the information of your people, let us know that this bug has worked on Android 8.1 and Android 9.0 OS, but it has not worked on Android 8.0 and below. This means that smartphones running OS below Android 8.0 were protected from this bug.

WhatsApp spokesman said Next web “Information about this bug was found last month and it was fixed with an update soon. We have no reason to believe that users have been affected by the bug Nevertheless. Nevertheless, we continue to provide users with the latest security features.”

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