WhatsApp iPhone users have got a new feature

WhatsApp is working to add new features to the beta version of its app. Now a report has been published, according to which the company has released a new update of WhatsApp Beater for iPhone. This update adds a new ‘context menu’ to the chat within the app. Please note that this context menu appears in one of the older versions of the application, but it was removed later. However, WhatsApp did not explain the reason for his removal. Now it has been added to the latest WhatsApp beta update. In addition, in the new update, share sheet integration has been removed from WhatsApp.

Wabetainfo’s Report Accordingly, the new iPhone comes with the WhatsApp beta update version number The report says that the new update has added a new context menu to WhatsApp using the ‘info’ option. When you tap a message in a chat for a long time, the context menu pops up and includes ‘Star’, ‘Reply’, ‘Forward’, ‘Copy’ and ‘Delete’ options. But now the ‘information’ option has been added.

This new context menu option Old update There were also parts, but were removed by WhatsApp for unknown reasons. The new context menu for the iPhone will appear on WhatsApp Beta in both single and group chats.

Come to the next change. The report further states that with the addition of new features, WhatsApp has removed an old feature with this update. This feature, called Share Sheet, was introduced in the previous 2.20.40 update, but has now been removed. The reason has also been given. This has been deleted because shared screen crashes continue to be a problem. A share sheet is a kind of menu that appears as a pop-up menu when sharing files and helps users to share files with other users with one click.

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