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WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature: Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp has launched a new update for Android users. With the new update of WhatsApp, users will get call waiting feature. The name indicates that after users make a call on WhatsApp, they will receive a warning for a second call on WhatsApp. Instead of automatically disconnecting the second incoming WhatsApp call, the user will also see two options with alertness, the first denial and the second edge and recognition.

This new feature of WhatsApp is now available for both Android and iPhone platforms. Recall that this feature was introduced for the iPhone last month. The call waiting feature available with the latest WhatsApp update is available for both beta and stable Android channels. The thing to note is that this feature is not like holding the call, because two users cannot be on the same line at the same time.

Now Google Play Store The changelog available through also mentions that the update brings enhanced privacy settings and fingerprint unlock support. The WhatsApp call waiting feature for the stable Android application is available in version 2.19.352, while version number 2.19.357 and version 2.19.358 of the beta app are available. If you haven’t received the update yet, you can download the stable build by going to the APK Mirror.

How does the WhatsApp call waiting feature work?

Prior to the update, when Android users received a WhatsApp call in another WhatsApp call, the incoming call was automatically closed and they would see a missed call notification after the end of the current conversation. However, after the update, users can choose an incoming call when talking to someone.

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But now after the update, users can choose whether to take any other incoming call. As we told you in the second incoming call the user will see two options on the screen, the first denial and the second edge and recognition. If you click the Deny button, you can only speak on your first call. However, if you click End and Recognition, your first call will be disconnected, so you will be able to talk on the second call.

In addition to call waiting, the updated Group Privacy feature is also being rolled out with the new WhatsApp update. This means users will now be able to decide who can add them to WhatsApp calls. To do this, you need to go to Accounts> Privacy> Groups in the Settings menu. The new stable and beta WhatsApp update changelog further mentions that the new update is coming with support for the fingerprint lock feature. You can enable this feature by going to Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock.

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