WhatsApp is improving the dark theme feature, a change seen in the latest update

WhatsApp has been working on its Dark Theme feature for a long time. Developers have been gradually changing this feature to make it better and bug free. The upcoming beta version of WhatsApp for Android users has now seen a new change. In the latest update, a change has been made to the beta app’s ‘System Event Bubbles’. This feature will not be shown to users at this time, as it is currently part of the development process. In addition to these, sticker packs have also been improved through in-app server level updates.

WhatsApp Beta Version Upgraded After Update 2.20.8 .8 WABetaInfo, a website with tracking features for applications, has explored some of the features of this update. Tracker released It is believed that the developers are still working on the Dark Mode theme in the app and the company has also improved this feature in this latest update. In addition, it has been revealed that the system event bubble format has been improved in this update. These bubbles appear at the top of each new chat.

The words are seen in yellow in the new layout. Earlier, the words were written in gray in WhatsApp Android Beta Update 2.19.311. This feature is now part of the rebuild process, so users will not see this feature even after updating the beta app. WabetaINfo reported that no information was released at the time of the release of this feature.

It comes out when talking about sticker updates A tweet It has been revealed that WhatsApp has released server level updates with changes to the sticker pack. For this, users need to update the sticker pack. To check for updates, users need to open any chat inside WhatsApp and go to the emoji icon on the left side of the typing box. Here you need to open the sticker section below and click on the update icon next to the already downloaded sticker pack. Doing so will update the existing sticker pack. Whether all beta users have received this sticker pack update, no official information has been released at this time.

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