WhatsApp is lacking, messages are also being received from block users!

WhatsApp users were annoyed to see the ‘black dot’ message that went viral a while ago. Earlier this month, this bug crashed into people’s WhatsApp. Now a new bug has started bothering the user. Some people have complained that blocked people are able to keep in touch with them. In other words, the message of the user who has been blocked is also coming to WhatsApp. Not only that, blocked people are able to see the profile and status.

Freedom It reported. This WhatsApp bug is ‘harming’ many users of Android and iPhone. There are many reports on Twitter that have complained that blocked users can monitor private messages, profile pictures and status. WhatsApp has not yet considered this deficit. Or this deficit has not yet been corrected. We talked to WhatsApp, we will update the news as soon as we get the answer.

Let us know that WhatsApp has unveiled the block feature option to avoid unwanted people. In fact, a lot of times we don’t agree with people on WhatsApp for any reason or don’t want to keep in touch with them, don’t want to share any kind of content with them, nor do they want to see it online or through a photo. In such cases, these users may be blocked and released.

Hopefully, WhatsApp will consider this issue soon and solve it. In addition to these, we tell you that the group calling feature has been enabled seen in iOS and Android beta. It has been seen in Android version 2.18.145 and iOS version 1.18.52. After a ‘participant button’ video call is made, the user appears on the screen.

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