WhatsApp may cause your Android smartphone to crash!

If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, pay attention. As its bug, a message is being sent, which has led to allegations of a WhatsApp crash. Media reports say that not only WhatsApp, but also Android phones have been accused of crashing. Slashgar A special kind of message is going into people’s chatboxes, the report said. The hidden symbol of the application is expanded by tapping. It affects both the app and the operating system.

Let us know that this kind of message is not new and is not limited to Android only. Even iMessage did not survive this bug. This is a two-way message from WhatsApp, which is being forwarded, the report said. One has a black dot, it brings a warning that arouses the interest of users to tap on Jehan. The second ‘dangerous’ message, which is hitting people’s phones and WhatsApp, does not bring any warnings like the previous messages. The message contains some special characters that are not visible but replace the text behavior.

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