WhatsApp may soon get multi-device support

WhatsApp has a huge user base around the world and its parent company Facebook is constantly updating it due to its growing user base. The company is working to add new features to WhatsApp. Recently, the number of group video calling users on WhatsApp was raised to a maximum of eight, and now the company may soon introduce the multi-device feature as well. There have been reports for some time that WhatsApp is testing the multi-device feature, which will allow users to run the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time. This feature is again seen in WhatsApp version 2.20.143 beta for Android. However the feature is still being developed and its release date has not been revealed yet.

WBETINFO as WhatsApp feature tracker Has been said As of now, WhatsApp has been working on the multi-device feature since last year. This feature will allow WhatsApp users to run the same account on two different devices without disconnecting the original device. This will be effective for users who have more than one smartphone or one smartphone and one tablet. The latest beta version has some features from this upcoming multi-device support, which WBETINFO has discovered o WhatsApp on the web, where it shows information about the device you’re logged in. Indicated support for the same account. Is

In addition to these, WhatsApp is also working on its main screen, which tells you to use your Wi-Fi network to save data when you log in to another device. In the screenshot shared by DoubitaInfo, you can see that the new page brings up a pop-up that says (translated) “Mobile data usage can be slow and your data plan can be used a lot”. It is possible that in support of multi-devices, WhatsApp will have to be transferred from the original device to a slightly different device. This may be a chat history.

Note that the previous beta of the app shows that WhatsApp is also working to add Facebook Messenger Room shortcuts to its chat / group share sheets.

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