WhatsApp prohibits forwarding these messages due to fake news

WhatsApp has announced to change the rules for forwarding messages on Tuesday to prevent the spread of fake and untrue news through WhatsApp. With the new changes you can now forward forwarded messages in one chat at a time. This update has reached the current limit, where users can only forward a message 5 times. WhatsApp Coroner, a Facebook-owned company, has taken this step to prevent fake news from going ahead during the virus lockdown. Recently, there was information about WhatsApp offering its users a search option to verify the authenticity of forwarded messages, so that users can search any news on WhatsApp to verify whether the news is true or fake.

As everyone knows that the whole world is currently locked down due to the epidemic of Kavid-19, the 21-day lockdown is effective in India today. In a situation where everyone is locked in their own home, the attitude of people interacting with the outside world has increased online. This is the largest increase in WhatsApp forwarding messages. The company set limits on forwarding messages in the wake of the huge increase in WhatsApp forwarding messages and the growing context of fake news.

The new update means users will only be able to send forward messages to one person at a time. This does not mean, however, that users cannot send forward messages to more than one person. They can copy and send messages in the chat box.

The move by WhatsApp is welcome, which will definitely stop the spread of fake news.

To identify these messages, WhatsApp launched “Escape Forward” in August last year to identify messages that are being forwarded repeatedly. The latest update comes after the update where you can only send a forward message to 5 people at once. The change in India came in August 2018, but was released to the global market in January last year. The company claims that the change has resulted in a 25 percent reduction in forward messages.

A recent report revealed that WhatsApp forward messages have increased by 40% due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

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