WhatsApp users will now be able to send up to 30 audio files at once

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned instant messaging app, is working on a feature that allows blocking ‘instant forward’ messages in group chats. This feature has also been seen in the latest Android beta updates. To prevent fake news, administrators will be able to block ‘fast forward’ messages.

The company is also working on iPad support, which is also available in the latest iOS beta. WhatsApp will come with features like iPad support split screen and landscape mode. The first thing is the Android beta. WhatsApp is the latest beta version 2.19.97 Released.

Photo credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp beta build tracker WabetaINfo has revealed that the company is working on a feature that prevents users from sending ‘forward’ messages in group chats. This feature is currently under development, so users will not be able to see it because this feature is currently ‘boy default disabled’

This feature may be provided in future ‘group settings’. Note that only administrators will be able to view and edit it. WhatsApp is actually working on this feature to stop fake news. If the administrator thinks that many duplicate links have been shared in this group, he can turn on this feature.


Photo credit: WABetaInfo

After that, users in the group will not be able to send ‘Frequency Forward’ messages. If a message is forwarded more than four times, WhatsApp will mark it as ‘Forward Forward’. If the administrator thinks that the user is only forwarding the original news, he can also disable this feature.

WhatsApp is currently testing this feature in the Android version. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. WABetaInfo reported that the company’s audio picker in January this year Features work It did and now this feature is available in beta version 2.19.89.

It is coming up with a new UI for selecting audio files. Users will be able to preview the audio and album art before sending the file. Not only that, only 30 audio files can be sent at once. The Beta Tracker website reports that the feature has been rolled out and the WABetaInfo feature is marked in beta versions 2.19.89 and 2.19.97.


Photo credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp has released the latest iOS beta version 2.19.4. WABetaInfo has also spotted iPad support but is currently in development. This means that this app is not yet available in the App Store for iPad users but it may be released soon. New screenshots have also been shared showing the new iPad UI, newly designed chat screen, split view support.

WABetaInfo has noticed that the iPad app has the same features as the iPhone app such as Touch ID support etc. The difference is that the iPhone app has a camera tab that could not be spotted in the iPad app. It is possible that WhatsApp may add this tab to the app before releasing it for beta users. So far, there is no information on when this app support will be released.

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