WhatsApp users will soon get this chat related feature

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature to sync chat history with all chat platforms, a report has recently been published. This new change will typically be associated with support for multiple devices, leading to speculation that it will be offered as a linked device feature. This feature allows you to use your WhatsApp account on up to four devices simultaneously. For now, WhatsApp does not currently sync chat history. When you use your WhatsApp from one device to another, all your old chat history disappears.

WABetaInfo Report It has been reported that WhatsApp will start syncing chat history on the platform to support multiple devices, after which users will be able to easily transfer their WhatsApp account from one device to another.

Let us tell you, the syncing feature of chat history is still available on WhatsApp, but this feature is only available for desktop applications and web clients. However, WhatsApp Tracker has claimed that now that the messaging app has been removed, this feature is also going to be launched on mobile devices.

It should also be noted that WhatsApp will require a Wi-Fi connection to share data from one device to another in order to start the process of supporting multiple devices.

WABetaInfo further states that once the data is shared, an Internet connection is not required for your primary device. Which is a new change. I tell you, you also need an active internet connection on your mobile device at the moment when you use the WhatsApp web or desktop application.

So far, WhatsApp has not made an official statement about introducing multiple device support, although this feature has not been released since July last year. Title Part remains. Recent Beta The official name of this feature was published in the release of Linked Devices.

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