WhatsApp Web will soon get a shortcut to the Facebook Messenger Room

WhatsApp has released a new version 2.2019.6 for its web. The messaging service is reportedly preparing to bring Facebook Messenger Room shortcuts to its WhatsApp web, and is working on this feature in this update. Currently, this shortcut for the WhatsApp Web is underway. Let me tell you, Facebook launched its messenger rooms last month, where more than 50 users can be part of a video calling session, whether they have a Facebook account or not. A few days later, the news of the integration of Facebook Messenger Room was published in the beta version of the WhatsApp Android app.

Wabetainfo’s Report It is said that work is underway to add Messenger Room shortcut to WhatsApp 2.209..6 web update. Although these shortcuts will not be rolled out to everyone through this update at this time, we will show you how to display them. It was said that the main shortcut can be found in the chat section, where you will see options for photos, documents and contacts, etc. This shortcut will confirm that you want to continue in Messenger. In addition to these, the report further states that you will also find the option to create a video chat room by going to the main menu. However, the date when this new feature will be added to WhatsApp has not been announced yet.

As we mentioned earlier, Messenger Room allows users to make video calls via a link and connect people to private chat rooms. Those who do not have a Facebook account can also join this messenger house. With the launch of this feature, Facebook plans to compete with video calling apps like Zoom.

Let me tell you, first to check the integration of Facebook Messenger Room in beta version of WhatsApp Android app News He came. This new messenger room feature will allow users to use group calling with up to 50 people at once. In addition to the news of WhatsApp integration, Facebook announced that the Messenger Room would be launched alongside Instagram and Facebook portals.

Due to the corona virus lockdown, better video conferencing services have been offered over the past few months. During this time, the popularity of the Zoom app has increased significantly. In addition, other video calling services, including Facebook Messenger, are trying to improve their services.

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