WhatsApp will compete with Zoom and Google Doo with this feature

The WhatsApp group is already working on the ability to add more users to the call. The instant messaging app can currently group up to four people at once, but a new report reveals that developers are working to make this limit four in WhatsApp’s latest Android beta. Somewhere it could be due to social distance due to global coronavirus infection. Apps like Zoom and Google Doo now allow dozens of people to make video calls at once, and that’s why this app has become so popular worldwide in just a few weeks. WhatsApp is also looking to embrace this feature and is trying to add more users to group calling.

WAIANFO, a website that tracks WhatsApp features, has launched this new version of WhatsApp v220.128 beta for Android and WhatsApp v220.129 beta. Features Per Searched Huh. Some evidence of this upcoming feature has been found in the WhatsApp v2.20.128 beta of Android. This feature is not yet enabled, so users will not see this feature even if it is in the latest version. WhatsApp currently has a group calling limit of four users and WhatsApp is working to increase this limit. However, it is not clear at this time what the number of users will be for group calls. However, after introducing this feature, all users including group calling will have to download the latest update of WhatsApp on their phone.

It is unknown at this time when this feature will be rolled out commercially. The website also issued a warning that this latest beta update brings some issues with the group call feature. It is recommended not to download this latest update unless customer calling is important to the user. This feature was first seen in WhatsApp v2.20.50.23 beta for iOS.

In addition to these WhatsApp has released more beta versions of WhatsApp v220.129 for Android, which is carrying a new call title. It states that calls are secured with end-to-end encryption.

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