WhatsApp will get Swipe to Reply feature soon, find out how it works for you

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Facebook, is about to bring a new feature for Android users. In 2018, WhatsApp quickly launched and tested the new feature. Nowadays, the company is working to give the swipe to reply feature for the WhatsApp Android app. For your information, let us know if the Swipe to Reply feature is already available for iOS or iPhone apps. WhatsApp Swipe to Reply feature is being introduced for the convenience of users. After introducing this new feature, you will be able to quickly reply to a message with the swipe right gesture. This means you no longer have to press and hold the message for the reply button. In addition, the company is working on another new feature. This new feature will be known as Dark Mode.

WABetaInfo report According to the company, the company is working to provide a swipe-to-reply feature for the WhatsApp Android app. WhatsApp has submitted a new update to the Google Play Beta program. The Swipe to Reply feature is available in the company’s beta version 2.1118.272. The report claims that this feature is not yet available due to technical reasons. The feature will be released after several improvements for Android users. It is said that this feature may be rolled out in some upcoming updates. After the Swipe to Reply feature, swipe right to the message you want to reply to. After doing this, WhatsApp will automatically load that message in the reply box.

The company is also working on giving the Dark Mode feature in the app. Created by WABetaInfo Tweets Accordingly, WhatsApp has started working on providing Dark Mode feature in iOS and Android applications. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Using the WhatsApp at night or in low light after the new feature arrives will reduce the pressure on the user’s eyes. Not only that, this feature will help to save the battery of the smartphone with OELD display.

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