WhatsApp will have picture-in-picture mode, no need to close any messaging app to watch YouTube

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is working towards giving a new feature for Android users. According to a report on the WBETINfo website, the image-to-image feature for the WhatsApp Android app is in the works. Notably, the image-in-picture video feature already exists in the iOS operating system, allowing users to watch Instagram and YouTube videos on WhatsApp.

With the introduction of the Photo Video feature in WhatsApp, Android phone users don’t have to go to the Instagram and YouTube apps to watch the video. The company recently released version 2.18.234 of WhatsApp for beta users through the Google Play Beta program.

A report said, ‘WhatsApp has been working to make this feature live for the past several months. Ever since this feature came to iOS, it has been clear that WhatsApp users will be able to watch videos on YouTube and Instagram in picture-in-picture mode in the messaging window. The report states that the feature has not been released for the Android app at the moment due to improvements. That being said, the video feature in the picture-in-picture could be rolled out in one of the next few updates.

After the WhatsApp Picture in Picture feature for Android apps, WhatsApp users will see a white play icon on the YouTube and Instagram video links. Clicking on the icon will open a small box inside the application so that the video can be played. Users will be able to expand this box or place it anywhere for their convenience.

Let’s find out when the new feature of WhatsApp for Android will be released directly, the information has not been released. However, it is said that if it already exists in the iOS app, then you do not have to wait long for the Android app.

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