WhatsApp will now be able to easily inform users of the lack of applications

WhatsApp is preparing to add app support for users, after which users can report bugs directly via the messaging app. This new information has been released through the new WhatsApp beta version of Android. This feature is expected to be part of the WhatsApp settings menu, which will provide a ‘Contact Us’ page dedicated to this feature. However, this facility has been made public by the company owned by Facebook. Beta testers have not been notified.

WabetaINfo’s WhatsApp feature tracker Report According to WhatsApp for Android 2.20.202. Information about in-app support has been published in beta. This feature will be available through the Contact Us page, in which users have to type their complaint in text form.

The checkbox will be provided as an alternative to the text field, which will include device information. This will allow users to include system details and logs, so that the WhatsApp team can understand user issues. However, text messages, media files, and status updates will not be part of the logs provided by this application support.

If supporters are able to fix the issue, WhatsApp allows them to communicate directly with the complaint via WhatsApp support chat. WBETINFO further stated that the chat will be automatically closed after the end of the conversation between the complainant and the support executive.

Let me tell you, WhatsApp provides users with a separate email ID (support @ whatsapp.com) for bug reports and complaints, where they can report their complaints. However, after the new feature, users will be able to complain and complain about app-application bugs.

Although application support is currently in the works, this feature is not seen in the latest beta. It is believed that this feature will be available in the upcoming build in the future.

In addition to support for the app, a recent beta update revealed that WhatsApp will be bringing new features soon. Expired media And Multiple devices Features like support are included. The ‘Always Silent’ feature was released in a beta version earlier this month Found Provided, which always facilitates silent chat by removing the 1 year option.

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