WhatsApp’s new features, group chat and video callers will love

Android users will now experience ‘something new’ on WhatsApp. The company has come up with new features especially for those who use video call and group chat features. Users can now go to WhatsApp groups and add details, find peers and switch to video calls. This feature was introduced in beta for Android and Windows users. As we mentioned earlier, the feature allows users to switch voice calls directly to video calls with the tap of a button.

Users will be able to add ‘details’ to let group members know about their group or a specific topic. The group details will appear as a pinned box on the chat screen. Also, it will be visible in sending invoice links to new members. The feature was previously available in beta 2.18.54 and 2.18.28 versions of WhatsApp. Both versions were for Android and Windows users, respectively.

To add a description, the user needs to go to the Group Info screen. Then tap and add details. There is a special place for it in the name of the group. Remember, the details must be written to the user in 512 characters. In addition to the details in the new version, a search bar will also be available on the group screen. This allows users’ group members to search at any time by tapping. This search feature for the iPhone was introduced earlier this month.

Users will be able to take advantage of the switching experience on the updated WhatsApp. That is, it will be possible to reach video call mode directly from voice calls. During a voice call, the user will see a button for the video call, which can be converted to a video call by tapping on the audio call. Let us know if this feature was first seen in the WhatsApp beta in January. It was later released for iPhone users in February. You can download the updated WhatsApp by downloading from Google Play.

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