WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will apply after the 15th, learn everything beforehand

WhatsApp is updating its privacy policy and this change has made the instant messaging app controversial. The last date for receiving this updated policy was February 8, but the company later changed it to May 15. WhatsApp is facing global criticism, as developers are changing the way they share user data on their platforms. However, the company, which owns Facebook, claims that the policy will not affect the privacy of public chats. The company says the new policy is designed to give businesses a personalized experience by sharing user details.

There has been a lot of confusion about the new policy. There are many questions in the minds of users, what is the new policy of WhatsApp, how it will affect the users, what data the company will share and what will happen if the new policy is not adopted. Here, we are answering all these questions for you.

When will WhatsApp implement its updated privacy policy?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was planned to apply to all accounts by February 8. But after facing criticism, the Facebook-owned company was able to convince people and make some announcements. Explained That agency suspended the update. But it doesn’t work. Above all, WhatsApp has suspended the new privacy policy until May 15.

All data is shared if you agree to the updated privacy policy?

Since WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy, it has made it clear that the update has been updated for business accounts using the platform. This means that once the updated privacy policy is adopted, the app’s user details such as their phone number and transaction data will be shared with the business. Still, WhatsApp says the changes “will have no effect on chats with anyone.” The organization is one Blog post This makes it clear that the application will continue to provide end-to-end encryption for users’ private messages. It was further stated that the company does not collect messages and call logs from users.

The new privacy policy further states that WhatsApp will now share data with its parent company Facebook and its other subsidiaries. This was the main reason behind the criticism. WhatsApp, however, has also made it clear that the new policy will not enhance existing data sharing capabilities with Facebook. The company further stated that it cannot view the location shared by its users or share its contacts with the parent company. However, this does not mean that WhatsApp does not share any data with Facebook. The company has already shared a lot of information about its users with the social media giant.

What happens if you do not agree with the updated WhatsApp privacy policy?

Initially, WhatsApp did not specify what would happen to the user’s account if the new policy was not adopted. However, the company wrote on its FAQ page that the app would not have full functionality if the user did not adopt the new policy.

Institution Page Wrote, (translated) “For a while, you will be able to receive calls and notifications but not be able to read or send messages in the app.” Of TechCrunch Report This is what WhatsApp’s “some time” means a few weeks. WhatsApp reports that users will have the opportunity to receive the update after 15 years.

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