WhatsApp’s new sticker pack has been created for lockdown

WhatsApp has launched a new sticker pack called ‘Together at Home’. Instant messaging giant has created these stickers in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO). These stickers will help people express their feelings during a global coronavirus outbreak. You all know that the outbreak of Covid-19 disease is facing the whole world at the moment. In many countries people are facing lockdown and in other countries their homes are locked to maintain social distance. This new sticker has been created with this in mind. Sticker packs are available in English, Hindi and many other languages. WhatsApp launched the sticker feature two years ago and since then it has become quite popular on social platforms.

The new sticker pack has been released under the name ‘Together at Home’ which means ‘together at home’. The name suggests that this pack is related to the feelings of people sitting at home. It has a sticker that shows a person on a pajama-wearing laptop, apparently showing people from home showing WhatsApp trying to spread social distance through stickers depicting ‘Air High Five’ and group video calling. Also inside the pack is a sticker that shows a person in bed watching a TV series, another person doing yoga with his dog, reminding people to wash their hands, people on the porch looking for a female neighbor to talk to and use binoculars. The pack also includes a few stickers that thank the medical heroes as well as the individual heroes for their service during the Cowvide-19 crisis.

The WhatsApp “Together at Home” sticker pack is available inside the app and can be downloaded for free. It is currently available in English in 10 more languages ​​including Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish etc. These languages ​​are by country. This pack is available in English and Hindi in India.

The company recently changed the calling feature to improve the WhatsApp experience. Previously, a maximum of four users could make video calls, but now the new beta version allows a maximum of eight users to make group calls at once. Although this feature is currently released for beta users, it is expected to be released to all users soon.

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