WhatsApp’s way of fighting coronavirus is fake news

WhatsApp is taking all possible measures to reduce the spread of misinformation during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. The number of fake and fake news messages on many social media platforms, including WhatsApp, has gone viral since people started staying at home to spread the virus. To address this issue, Facebook’s proprietary messaging service banned frequently forwarded or frequently forwarded messages, and now the agency’s decision seems to be working. WhatsApp claims that the number of additional forwarded messages has dropped by 70 percent.

Although this reduction in forward messages cannot be directly attributed to the dissemination of misinformation, for the time being it can be considered as a step in the right direction.

WhatsApp released an update earlier this month to reduce the forward message limit. After this update, users will not be able to forward messages sent to five or more people at once. Although there is a restriction on forwarding these messages, users can still copy and paste these messages into text and send them to contacts. Even if users have other options available, a 70 percent reduction after the introduction of this limit is certainly a success.

A previous update restricted high-forward messages to five contacts at once. As a result, the number of forwarding messages dropped by 25 percent during that time.

During coronavirus epidemics, it is important to stop spreading false information, especially when messaging and calling have become the primary means of communication. WhatsApp is widely used for communication and information sharing. WhatsApp currently has millions of users worldwide and this step taken by the company at a sensitive time is important.

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