Who should edit WhatsApp group information? Can you decide?

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature about the group, under which people who change the information of the group unnecessarily will be kept under control. With this feature, it will be possible to select members who have the right to edit group information. The new WhatsApp feature is currently for Android Beta users. However, according to the report, it will soon be available for regular Android, iPhone and Windows users. All in all, this new feature of WhatsApp will give the administrator more authority in group management. In the past, the company also operated More authority Payment features were revealed.

According to WABTinfo, a popular fan site has tested it in version 2.18.132. Here the ‘Restricted Group Properties’ feature is seen. That is, edit group info – group settings – group info, you will no longer be forced to edit everyone. Here you will be able to select all participants and administrators only.

Remember, the group description feature was released in February. It is now also available on the iPhone. However, the limitations on the iPhone and Windows Phone are not an option. As we mentioned, this feature will gradually knock on these platforms. The report states that all users of WhatsApp will start taking advantage of this feature as soon as possible.

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