Will soon be able to start dating on social sites Facebook

Dating can be enjoyed on Facebook soon. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive, said on Tuesday that the world’s largest social site was taking steps to help people in romantic relationships. Speaking to software developers at Facebook’s annual conference, Zuckerberg said the dating service would connect more people. “Currently 200 million people have declared themselves‘ single ’on Facebook, which looks like something should be done,” he said.

“This feature will help people find a lasting relationship,” he said. Not a way to meet once or twice. It will be alchemical and will be launched soon. However, he did not say anything about the launch date. Zuckerberg said the dating service will be completely private, friends will not see it on your list.

Let us tell you that the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data debate is not over yet. Zuckerberg has introduced several safes in favor of him and Facebook. He said in this regard that soon Facebook is coming up with the ‘Clear History’ option, which allows users to delete all the history of Facebook itself.

The company said in a separate blog post, “Once this feature is enabled, it will send information to the web and the app you used. Deleting it will turn off the store’s power.” This will allow users to delete all Facebook information and searches Can’t see third party.

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