With the release of WhatsApp for iPhone users, these big changes will happen

WhatsApp Update: In the App Store, WhatsApp has released a new version of the iPhone app. WhatsApp Messenger version number 2.19.110 released for iPhone, updated WhatsApp is bringing two big changes. For the information of the people, let us know that this is a stable version update, if you are in beta version then you need to install stable version. In addition, WhatsApp has released a new support page to help users resolve their iCloud backup issues.

Official in the App Store Changelog According to version number of WhatsApp Messenger published for iPhone, iPhone users will not see the display notification badge for silent chats. This means that if you have muted a chat and you receive a new message from the same chat, the app will not show you the notification badge. In addition, the new version also provides new alignment guidelines to enable users to keep emojis correct when editing media.

WABetaInfo According to the latest WhatsApp version released for the iPhone, Global Group’s privacy settings have also been added. These settings were introduced in India earlier this year. The settings released for India earlier this year are now similar to the globally published group privacy settings but there is a big change. Previously, users had the option of Nobidi in group settings but now WhatsApp has given the option of My Contacts instead.

Opting out of My Contacts means you can select contacts that you won’t be able to add to the group. After selecting an option, explain that no one can add a user to a contact group. This new option may also be released for Indian users. Outside of this, WhatsApp has launched a new website for its iCloud backup users. Support page Also published.

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