With this new feature added to WhatsApp, this is how your work will come about

WhatsApp has introduced a new and useful feature for its Android users. The uninterrupted audio message playback feature has been added to WhatsApp with the latest update. After the latest stable build, WhatsApp Android users no longer have to play every audio clip. As soon as one audio clip is finished the other clip will start playing. For people’s information, let us know that this feature is already available in the iOS version of WhatsApp.

However, there are some features that were recently spotted during beta testing, such as sharing WhatsApp status as a story on Facebook and a dedicated QR code button in the app profile section. These features have not yet been released for WhatsApp.

This feature is available in stable version 2.19.150 of WhatsApp Android. There will be no problem playing the next audio message with the uninterrupted audio message playback feature. Another clipping will start automatically as soon as one audio clipping is finished. Note that this feature was first seen in the beta version of WhatsApp in March of this year at 2.19.86.

How to download the uninterrupted audio message playback feature

The uninterrupted audio message playback feature is available on the latest stable version of WhatsApp Android. If you haven’t received the updated version from the Play Store, you can APP Mirror You can download the APP file (v2.19.150). Some interesting features like sharing the status of WhatsApp as a story on Facebook and the Dedicated QR code button were seen in beta testing a while ago but these features have not been revealed through the current stable update.

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