Xiaomi can bring Redmi smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 750G and Snapdragon 865 processor

Xiaomi may launch a new smartphone with the sub-brand Redmi Snapdragon 750G processor and Snapdragon 865 processor, according to Tipsstar, a well-known Chinese micro-blogging site. Tipstar says that these smartphones can come with large LCD screens and large batteries. Currently, Xiaomi has not released any information about the Redmi phone with this processor. However, it is known that this smartphone may be part of the Redmi Note 10 5G series. It is reported that the company may launch the Redmi Note 10 series smartphone next month.

Tipster Tipster Digital Chat Station (translation) Weibo Post Reported through Shaomi K phones can be launched with Snapdragon 750G processor and Snapdragon 865 processor which will be launched under the Redmi brand. The phone will be equipped with a large battery and a high-refresh rate LCD display. Apart from this, Tipstar did not share any other information about the alleged Redmi phone.

Gizmochina The report claims that these Redmi phones will be offered as part of the Redmi Note 10 5G series launched in April this year. Redmi Note 9 The series will follow the narrative. The report further states that the Redmi phone that comes with the so-called Snapdragon 750G processor will be a re-synthesized version of the Mi10 Lite 5G and will be called the Redmi Note 10 5G. So far there is no confirmation about the Mi 10 Lite either, but the Xiaomi Mi 10 Series will be unveiled through a virtual event on the evening of September 30th at 8:30 p.m. Get started Would not.

Let me tell you, in July the phone named Redmi Note 10 was listed on the AI ​​Benchmarking website, which was listed with MediaTek Dimension 820 5G processor. It is not yet clear which processor will be offered in the Redmi Note 10.

Gizmochina According to an old report on the Redmi Note 10, there will also be a 4G variant available, which was listed on the Chinese MIIT certification site with model number M 2010J19SC and 4G support.

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