Xiaomi claims that MIUI12 will have protection and privacy, strong tees

MIUI 12 is set to launch on April 27 this month, and new software updates will include Dark Mode 2.0 and new third-party always-on display features. Ahead of the launch, Xiaomi launched a ‘privacy’ brand, which it claims will focus on enhancing privacy and security on the company’s phones. The Chinese tech giant has also improved the Notes app and to-do list section. The to-do list in the new software will support custom headings, list creation and some other features.

Xiaomi Privacy Brand

Official MIUI Weibo Accounts However, the brand has revealed new privacy with the Xiaomi logo. The company says the new logo will be applied to all of its upcoming products so that the company can spread it with users’ privacy and protection. Shaomi Tell me Has it created an open source mobile AI computing engine (MACE) for mobile devices, which can perform computing offline without uploading data to the server. It provides maximum privacy for the user, as computing is only done on mobile devices.

The agency has also established a new data security management system that follows six important rules, including data reduction, security protection, openness and transparency, compliance review, objective limitations, and clear responsibilities. Under this new privacy brand, Xiaomi has implemented a ‘Differential Privacy’ system, where it will openly share group patterns using a dataset without disclosing information about the people included in the dataset. The company said more information about the new privacy brand will be revealed at the April 27th event.

As we mentioned above, the company was given MIUI 12 Tease Done, so that the Notes app and to-do list are informed of improvements and new features. For example, Do’s Now will help you create lists, and the Notes app’s UI will be clearer and smoother than ever. This will make it easier to add new items to the existing to-do list. A two-to-two quick entry will help create a synchronization list. In addition, Xiaomi says the to-do list will support custom titles, which will help users create task groups, organize projects, and sort travel items. Xiaomi is also launching the Mi10 Lite 5G phone in China along with MIUI12.

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